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Many famous musicians throughout history found their way into music through the church and the Gospel sound. Celine Dion was raised Roman Catholic and make a variety of alliterations to her beliefs in her work. The daughter of a prominent Memphis, Tennessee minister, Aretha Franklin- along with her two sisters, sang in their Baptist Gospel choir. While Franklin did enjoy a career in both secular and Gospel sectors, it was the year 1987 when she released "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism," that she was blessed with her induction into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

 People worldwide love the works of Michael Jackson, with his passionate lyrics, commanding stage prescence, and of course, his strong, distinctive voice, yet many overlook the fact that much of his work on the "Essential Michael Jackson" album was produced by one of Gospel's most prominent leader and innovator, Andrae Crouch. The Andre Crouch Choir performed on many noteworthy tracks such as "Man in the Mirror" and "Will You Be There."
Influences of Gospel
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