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The 6th spiritual gift is referred to in 1 Corinthians 12 as the gift of prophecy. How does prophecy relate to the Gospel or praise for that matter? Consider the nature of the spiritual gifts and the way these gifts were presented to the Church. The Church was still fresh and not yet well-versed in the Word of God when Paul first wrote the book in what is popularly believed to be 54 A.D,. during his second visit to Corinth. Still spiritually new, the Church of Corinth needed guidance as to some of the less-understood principles, and thus Paul was fulfilling his mission dictated to him from God.

The spiritual gifts are God's method of giving every Christian the capacity fulfill his function in the body of Christ. Like Paul was to the early churches, we as individuals all have our own place in the Body of Christ. Should the Lord reveal to you that you have been blessed with the gift of Prophecy, and the passion and love of music and playing an instrument, you may very well be marked by God to prophesy with your instrument, letting the Spirit lead you to play what HE wants, and not what we think we should play. Prophetic playing is a crucial aspect of the spreading of the Gospel, the message of love and peace, and bringing the presence of our Heavenly Father into our midst.
Prophesy With Your Instrument
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